Research platform of the Belarusian contemporary art

ZBOR In Progress exhibition project

October 16th – November 30, 2018

Ў Gallery in Minsk (Belarus)

On October 16th in the Ў Gallery of contemporary art a large-scale research exhibition of the history of contemporary art in Belarus over the past 30 years will open.

ZBOR (Bel. zbor — collection) is an exhibition project based on the research activities of KALEKTAR platform (Bel. kalektar — collector) created by a group of artists and curators in 2014 with the aim of studying and preserving the newest processes and trends in contemporary Belarusian art and resulting later in an online collection of the newest Belarusian art. During the selection of works the main task was to identify the most important trends and reveal the widest possible representation of the strategies used by Belarusian artists of different generations in their artworks. More than 150 works were selected by 35 experts in the field of contemporary Belarusian art including artists, art critics and journalists after the survey so as to compose the online collection. The expert council of the KALEKTAR platform selected 40 of these works for ZBOR exhibition project.

In 2015, the Arsenal Gallery (Białystok, Poland) hosted the first exhibition ZBOR. Constructing an Archive curated by Sergei Kiryushchenko and Sergey Shabohin. In the spring of 2016, another curatorial concept ZBOR. Belarusian art movement in the Ukrainian Foundation Isolation was presented by Andrei Dureika and Maxim Tyminko. The exposition in Kyiv was included in the TOP-10 exhibitions of contemporary art of Eastern and Central Europe according to Art Guide East.

The exhibition in Minsk ZBOR In Progress will present an overview of contemporary Belarusian art created over the past 30 years and cover the creative work of more than fifty Belarusian artists living and working both in the country and abroad.

The exhibition includes more than two hundred exhibits: documentary photographs, research essays, as well as original works of Belarusian artists created in the period from the late 1980s up to the present days. An essential part of the exposition is a media presentation, which includes original video works by more than twenty authors, as well as rare documentary videos of a number of performances and art events, and unique reconstructions of installations at a scale of 1:1. The accompanying program of the project will include meetings with artists and curators of the project, lectures, discussions and curatorial excursions on the exposition for adults and children.

Andrei Dureika
, Maxim Tyminko

Accompanying program curator:
Sofia Sadovskaya


Siarhiej Babareka, Israel Basov, Belarusian Climate group, Bergamot group, Anna Chkolnikova, Zhanna Gladko, Janna Grak, Oxana Gourinovitch, Mikhail Gulin, Lena Davidovich, Evelina Domnich / Dmitry Gelfand, Andrei Dureika, Vitaly Kalgin (Bismark), Sergey Kiryuschenko, Artur Klinov, Alexander Komarov, Alexej Koschkarow, Andrei Liankevich, Lipovy Cvet group, Alexey Lunev, Vika Mitrichenko, Galina Moskaleva / Vladimir Shakhlevich, Marina Naprushkina, Ales Pushkin, Revision group, Ludmila Rusova, Igor Savchenko, Olga Sazykina, Sergey Shabohin, Antonina Slobodchikova, Anna Sokolova, Tamara Sokolova, Leon Tarasewicz, Oleg Tcherny, Igor Tishin, Vladimir Tsesler / Sergey Voichenko, Maxim Tyminko / Gleb Choutov / Maja Ilic, Vasiliy Vasiliev, Alexey Velikjanin, Oleg Yushko / Kirill Lubenec.

Spesial thanks and project partners:
general partner of the gallery – MTS
general partner of the exhibtion – Belarusky Narodny Bank
technical support of the exhibtion – Goodoo

Associate exhibition partners:
Vsl Kulturos Ambasada, BelAPDiMI

ZBOR In Progress exhibition project
Lunev, Alexey

(November 1st, 1971)

Artist, curator, art collector.

Lives and works in Minsk.

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ZBOR In Progress exhibition project
Moskaleva and Shakhlevich (duo)

Duo of photographers Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich.

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ZBOR In Progress exhibition project
Tamara Sokolova

(b. April, 21st, 1950)

Is an artist and sculptorand a member of the creative association Nemiga-17.

Lives and works in Minsk.

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