Research platform of the Belarusian contemporary art

Launch of the websites INDEX and ZBOR

Today, on 18th of May, 2015, the research platform KALEKTAR is officially presenting two new special projects: the encyclopedic database about Belarusian contemporary art INDEX ( and the collection of essays about artistic statements in the Belarusian contemporary art ZBOR (




INDEX – is a dynamic encyclopedia about Belarusian contemporary art that is based on the research platform KALEKTAR.

The encyclopedia is developed as the main tool for Belarusian art contemporary archive’s organization and construction. It combines all individual projects of KALEKTAR platform due to a specifically designed system of pop-up windows/ hyperlinks. The data system will be filled in according to the principle of internet-encyclopedia in the form of autonomous information pages on names, key events and institutions in the Belarusian contemporary art. Glossary is also under development.

A large number of experts and participants, as well as volunteers of the Belarusian art system are engaged in the encyclopedia’s activities.

All new pages are filled sequentially after their mentioning in the KALEKTAR portal.

Idea and development of the encyclopedia structure: Sergey Shabohin
Resource editor-in-chief: Sergey Shabohin
Project Manager: Pavel Preobrazhensky

Active participation in the launch of the encyclopedia: Zhanna Gladko and Pavel Preobrazhensky



ZBOR – is a special resource of the research platform KALEKTAR that represents a constantly updating magazine about artistic statements made over the past few decades.

All publications are specially created by Belarusian critics throughout the project and describe specific works of artists, collectives and institutions. ZBOR is one of the key resources of the platform. It is the tool which helps to build the archive further

More details on the resource ZBOR in the dedicated publication Intro.

Symbolically, the first publication of the resource ZBOR is the essay of Olga Bubich Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich: a series of photographs Madhouse (Durdom), 1991-1992.

Co-founders and leaders of the resource: Sergey Kiryuschenko and Sergey Shabohin
Project Manager: Pavel Preobrazhensky

Guest Editors: Tatiana Arcimović, Aleksei Borisionok, Andrei Dureika, Valentina Kiseleva, Alexey Lunev, Lena Prents

INDEX and ZBOR resources editorial office rely on your feedback and assistance in projects development. If you noticed inaccuracies in publications or you have additional recommendations regarding the creation of new publications, feel free to contact us via e-mail: or our Facebook page facebook.

We will be very grateful for your personal contribution to the archival projects.