Research platform of the Belarusian contemporary art

Purity/Czystość. Antonina Slobodchikova – residence in Wrocław (Poland)

June 27th, 2016 – July 18th, 2016

Wrocław Contemporary Museum (WCM) in Wrocław (Poland)


Wrocław Contemporary Museum in cooperation with KALEKTAR platform have provided the artist Antanina Slobodchikova with a residence in the framework of the programme of artistic residences A-i-R Wro. While staying in the residence, the artist will present her solo project «Purity/Czystość».




The installation Purity/Czystość highlights the process of transformation of the observed objects and their change in time. White food products, carefully arranged on even whiter crockery, are completely sterile and fresh as they are first put on display; gradually, however, they begin to change. Initially, each of the products appears exceptional, differing from the rest in its texture and form. Eventually the process of decay turns all of them into a homogenous mass, making edible objects useless.

This work continues the artist’s exploration of issues connected with death, time and preserving memory, which are consistently addressed in her practice. By using the colour white as a symbol of purity and immaculacy she marks the beginning of a process that subsequently unfolds on its own. The installation evolves with time because the tissue of the products, which are used as a means of registration, becomes transformed. The eponymous ′purity′ is not explicitly defined by the artist – it is the viewer’s role to address whatever it may stand for.

When is an object no longer immaculately clean?
When is it clean at all?
Life transforms and changes. Life makes people experience things.
How have you been programmed by life?


CuratorMagdalena Skowrońska.


The project is carried out as part of the Artist-in-Residence Programme A-i-R Wro in cooperation with research platform on Belarusian contemporary art KALEKTAR.

A-i-R Wro is implemented within the framework of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 and is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

The announcement of the residence and exhibition on WCM.