Research platform of the Belarusian contemporary art

The Research Platform of the Belаrusian Contemporary Art KALEKTAR is a tool for archiving, analyzing, publishing and popularizing the breakthrough experience of the Belarusian contemporary art representatives. Independent resources will run based on the platform, all consolidated under a single program and similar goals. The resources will be united by common tools as well.

KALEKTAR platform is an independent research organization and does not pursue commercial purposes.


Projects of the platform:

in2Encyclopedic database INDEX.

zb1Collection of essays about artistic statements ZBOR.

n2News of the platform KALEKTAR.

Our team:

The founders and leaders of the platform: Aleksei Borisionok, Sergey Kiryuschenko и Sergey Shabohin

Chief editor: Sergey Shabohin

Manager of the resource: Pavel Preobrazhensky

Chief editor of the English version: Karina Shlykova

Regular translators: Ilya Malafei, Hanna Mikulich, Pavel Preobrazhensky, Nasta Tulaeva, Natallia Valadzko

Proofreader: Lyuda Shpilevskaya

Development and tech support: Interactive brand studio HA

All partners of the platform


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Since the project KALEKTAR is a resource that collects and restores archives of Belarusian art, the publications posted on our resources may consist inaccuracies. The project team will be grateful if you write to us, pointing out our mistakes.

Let’s build the archive together!

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